Teenagers gardening

It’s more than a forest, it’s a community!

JEDD and QUiNTUS, in partnership with Arbre-Évolution, wish to establish a food forest on the grounds of a high school in Montérégie. This food forest will be co-constructed by the students, the staff and the community of this school, starting in September 2023.

The high school to receive the food forest is…

Arthur-Pigeon High School!

Congratulations to all the schools for taking part. The projects you proposed are inspiring, and the decision was a difficult one.

The second and third-ranked schools are not left out.

  • Collège du Mont-Sacré-Cœur will receive 10 hours of coaching from Arbre-Évolution to guide and support them in their project idea proposed as part of their application.
  • École secondaire du Chêne-Bleu will receive passes for an outing to Arbraska and an outing to the RGFM cinema.

Students from the winning school will be actively involved in establishing a food forest on their school grounds, learning more about fruits and shrubs, as well as how to manage a living environment! ??

It doesn’t end here!

You can learn how to create your own food forest by downloading our free guide, available to all newsletter subscribers.


A project made possible thanks to the financial support of: